Customize your own Bill Freeman Bit

Couldn't find the Bill Freeman you are looking for ? We got your back. Customize your Bill Freeman bit to your own desires by changing the cheeks and mouth pieces. 

Additional Charges

Correction in Aluminum or Stainless Steel Cheeks: €15,80
Correction mouthpiece 95% copper €65,00
Rollers: €38,50
Spoons: €38,50
Balls on Top: €37,00
Balls on Bottom: €37,00
Widening or Narrowing of Mouth Piece: €58,00

Let's Customize

1. Do you prefer Aluminum Cheeks or Stainless Steel Cheeks? 

Aluminium Cheeks  OR Stainless Steel Cheeks


2. Which Mouth Piece do you prefer?

  Mouth Piece Mouth piece


Send an email to with your preferred product. 

Please mention :
- Name, adress, email, mobile phone nr.
- Which shanks you prefer
- Which Mouth Piece
- Other preferences, roller, ball, copper, ...

Production (handmade) + delivery can take up to 4 weeks. 

We look forward to your request and will send you a price-quotation after your request.